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29/365 - Night Photography 29th day of the month theme

I really did plan to go outside and do this with my car on the driveway, but the streetlights mean it's too light to get a good effect. So I did this in the garage with my husband's car.

A 2 shots composition one with the headlights and VW badge lit with a small torch and one where I had to run in the car and draw the smiley face and my attempt at fingers!!

I've attempted painting with light before, but usually with a helper doing the art work and never where I've merged two shots.

Not great but it was fun and I'm pleased

Saturday, 28 January 2012

28/366 - 20 minute walk, view of Winter Hill

We had a quick walk just before the sun went down. I just took my iPhone and used the Hipstamatic app to take pictures round the village.

Hipstamatic app
lens - Lucifer VI
Film - Alfred Infrared

Friday, 27 January 2012

27/366 - last of the flowers

Last week's bunch of flowers are on their last legs, just one final photo