Thursday, 5 January 2012

5/366 - Christmas past

Amelia's special Christmas decorations
In 1998 a friend bought a pregnant me a baby decoration to celebrate my impending birth that started a family tradition of buying Amelia a new decoration every Christmas.

1998 baby in walnut from sandra
1999 snowbaby from Susan's holiday to Florida
2000 Cherished teddy
2001 Angel (currently missing)
2002 glass mickey from Disney paris from Sandra and Julie (now missing both arms!)
2003 Tumbling snowmen from Keswick
2004 Mickey on a bauble and wobbly legged Minnie from our Disney paris holiday
2005 Straw reindeer (Amelia started choosing her own ornaments this year!)
2006 Pick knitted fairy
2007 smiling reindeer
2008 daddy, mummy and Amelia reindeer family from the Manchester Christmas markets
2009 3 ornaments with Amelia's name
2010 snowman in a bucket
2011 fused glass snowman from the Manchester Christmas markets

As we've managed to lose the 2001 decoration, mickey is now armless and the gorgeous(!) straw reindeer is in danger of losing a leg I thought I should take photos of them all.

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